MANTO "X2" BJJ Gi Expand

MANTO "X2" BJJ Gi -Άσπρο


- Κατασκευασμένο απο Υψηλής ποιότητας Βαμβακερό ύφασμα 475γραμ. με ύφανση Pearl Wave.
- Ripstop βαμβακερό παντελόνι . 
- Ενισχυμένο Διπλό ύφασμα στην περιοχή των γονάτων για αυξημένη ανθεκτικότητα.
- Ripstop Βαμβακερό κολάρο, γεμάτο με αφρό EVA για ταχύτερο στέγνωμα. 
- Υψηλής ποιότητας κεντητά patch.
- Άνετη εφαρμογή πιστοποιημένη απο επαγγελματίες αθλητές.
- Περιλαμβάνεται τσάντα μεταφοράς.

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Size guide
Size guide
A0 (160-170CM/ 55-65 KG), Gi weight (1,3 kg)
A1 (165-175 CM/65-75KG),  Gi weight (1,4 kg)
A2 (176-183CM/75-85 KG), Gi weight (1,5 kg)
A3 (184-194CM/85-100KG), Gi weight (1,6 kg)

Jiu-Jitsu all day every day ! Second edition of our bestselling BJJ kimono has finally arrived ! MANTO "X2Gi features durable 475 gsm (gram per sq meter) pearl weave of highest grade cotton.  Pants are built using ripstop cotton material, which provides comfort and increased durability during intense training sessions. Made with highest attention to details, using premiere quality materials  MANTO "X2" Gi is an excellent choice for both advanced and novice practicioners of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ! 

A0 (160-165CM/50-60KG), weight GI (1,6KG)
A1 (165-175 CM/60-70KG), weight of GI (1.6KG)
A1L (170-180 CM/60-70KG), weight of GI (1.6KG)
A2 (175-183CM/70-80 KG), weight of GI (1.7KG)
A2L (180-185CM/70-80 KG), weight of GI (1.7KG)
A3 (183-195CM/80-95KG), weight of GI (1.9KG)
A4 (195-205CM/ 95-100+ KG), weight of GI (2.0KG)
This product has natural shrinkage rate of approx. 3-5% after washing in warm/hot water.
Washing in hot water can be used to shrink the GI and adjust it to your body type.
Wash cold only if you are satisfied with the fit.

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