Kingz COMP 450 V5 Gi - Blue Expand

Kingz COMP 450 V5 Gi - Blue


Κατασκευασμένο απο 450 gsm Pearl Weave.
Τριπλές ενισχυμένες ραφές σε όλα τα σημέια που χρειάζεται
Κατασκευασμένο απο ένα κομμάτι ύφασμα για μεγάλη αντοχή στον χρόνο.
Το λαπέλ περιέχει καουτσούκ.
Soft, custom seam taping
90% προπλυμένο.
Το παντελόνι αποτελείτε απο 10οζ υφασμα.
Ενισχυμένο στα γόνατα.

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με Φ.Π.Α

Now in its fifth edition, the Kingz Comp 450 V5, our latest version has been updates to include new embroideries on the leg and clean cut shoulder stitching to keep you looking sharp on the mat and in competition!

The Kingz Comp 450 V5 kimono has become a standard in our lineup, featuring a 450 GSM Pearl Weave jacket, made from a single piece of fabric, and with ample reinforcements in all the major stress points. The lapel is made from a single piece of synthetic heat resistant vulcanized rubber, which keeps the gi light, allows for faster drying, and keeps your lapel fungus and bacteria free. The iconic Kingz wording is embroidered along both shoulders, a Kingz crown logo is embroidered on the back below the collar, as well as being on the right thigh. The medieval lion is stitched towards the bottom of the lapel and just below the left knee. Both durable and extremely comfortable, the pants are made of 100% 10 oz drill cotton, perfect for both the daily grind and the tournament setting. "Heavy lies the crown"


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